Performance Improvement

Small crowd of happy people

Incentive Management programs provide you powerful tools to achieve improved people performance .

First impressions last, create a program that improves your business:

  • Engage sales and customer sales staff.
  • Inspire and educate your channel partners.
  • Motivate people and reward success.
  • Communicate the right message to the right people.

Incentivisation & Motivation

Incentivise is designed for organisations with large workforces requiring motivation to achieve higher performance. Targeting some of the following areas:

  • Internal sales and customer service staff.
  • The staff of partners and outsourcers.
  • Dealers, wholesalers and intermediaries.
  • Field staff, engineers and technicians.


Employee Recognition

Empower your staff to say "Thankyou" many great tasks go unnoticed and with no better feeling than peer recognition .

Give the gift of recognition, either recognising individuals or groups, maybe send a gift or automatically setup e-cards triggered by events.

Voluntary Benefits

Exclusive branded benefits available to staff and member groups with offers available online, by telephone and in store.

National and local brands participate in what is an amazing deal for members with 100,000s of employees saving millions of pounds each year, with average savings of £650 per person per year.

Agency White Label

Our Incentivise technology is available to you in white-label form helping you to deliver even more innovative and exciting schemes for your clients.

Incentivise is easily branded and provides a platform for your creativity. Designed to facilitate rapid bespoking, integration and simple deployment on ours, yours or the client's infrastructure.

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Increase Sales.

Increase Sales

Drive sales performance, individual and team challenges.

improving knowledge.

Improve Knowledge

Improve product and service knowledge through engaging, inspiring and targeted learning.

Drive Motivation.

Drive Motivation

Create a buzz to want to do better and say "ThankYou".

Rewarding Performance.

Reward Performance

Deliver aspirational rewards, gift cards, prize draws. Actively inspire your audience leaving a memorable experience.