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Incentivise - 1 great product in 2 versions

Incentivise is the complete product providing a comprehensive incentivisation solution with a powerful management system that puts non-technical staff in full control of all aspects of the incentivisation process. Create and manage your own incentive campaigns, develop e-learning and daily quizzes without the need for your IT Team to get involved. Entry level iCore version also available click here for more details.

Features Matrix

 ICoreFull Incentivise
Points-based Systemtick.tick.
Audience-managed campaigns and contenttick.tick.
Management of Participants and Audiencestick.tick.
User management of campaigns and activitiestick.tick.
Participant Bank Accountstick.tick.
Integrated Reward Shoptick.tick.
Standard Activity Reportstick.tick.
Robust Accounting System and full Audit Trackingtick.tick.
Full budget managementtick.tick.
Manual points-awardingtick.tick.
Spreadsheet upload facilitytick.tick.
e-learning - creation & management tick.
Daily Quizzes and Prize Draws tick.
Integrated forums tick.
Integrated news snippets tick.
Multiple Reward Catalogues tick.
Create Campaigns & Activities tick.
Advanced Manager Reports tick.
Advanced Team Leader Reports tick.
Management Information Dashboard tick.
Advanced Finance Reporting tick.
Automatic points awarding tick.
Multiple Points Types tick.
Integration Facilities tick.
Input File Management Facility tick.
Audience Managed Broadcast Emails tick.
Powerful Content Management Systemtick.tick.
Agency Facilitiestick.tick.


Audience Management

Audience.One of Incentivises' most powerful features is the ability to tailor content and point awarding to individual participants, teams and departments.

- An audience at its simplest level is a group of participants who participate in an activity which could earn and spend points.
- Audiences are applied to content, campaigns, activities, news items and forums.
- Administrators can easily create, update and manage audiences from member data.

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Campaign / Activity / Content pages - Content Management

Incentivises' Activity Management System (AMS) enables non-technical staff to quickly and easily create e-learning modules and activities for participants.

The AMS provides a selection of template screen types to choose from and users can add textual content, images and rich assets like Flash video files. Supporting documents e.g. Microsoft Word and PDF can also be included.

Managers can also easily create quizzes to test the knowledge of the learners.

Points awards can be linked to e-learning activities so participants can be incentivised and rewarded for learning achievement.

The e-learning facilities can also be used as a channel to provide your participants with management communications, video messages and sales reports etc.

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E-Learning.Incentivises' Activity Management System (AMS) enables non-technical administrators to quickly and easily create e-learning content for use on the participant website.

The AMS provides a selection of template screen types to choose from. Users can add textual content, images and rich assets like Flash video files. Supporting documents (Microsoft Word and PDF for example) can also be uploaded for review by the trainee member.

In addition there are question templates which provide the opportunity to test the knowledge of the learners. These templates are fully configurable including:

  • Not allowing the user to continue onto the next screen until they have answered the question correctly.
  • Setting the number of attempts a user can have to answer the question, from once to unlimited.
  • The ability to provide hint feedback: on the first incorrect attempt the user may receive helpful instructions to aid them achieve the correct answer.
  • Slider puzzles, word searches and drag and drop questions provide additional engaging ways to re-enforce learning.

What makes Incentivise e-learning unique is the ability to earn points throughout - again this is fully configurable. This can be configured so learners can earn points:

  • At the question level, receiving points only if they answer correctly first time, or after any number of attempts.
  • Upon completion of the e-learning irrespective of a pass mark.
  • Only if they answer a sufficient percentage of questions correctly.

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Interactive Games

A subset of e-learning templates, interactive games currently available include:

  • Word search
  • Slider puzzles
  • Sudoku
  • Crossword
  • Drag and drop

The AMS also provides a framework to easily integrate bespoke developed Flash games.

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Daily Quiz

The daily quiz also shares some similar functionality as e-learning with the difference that questions are controlled by rules enabling them to be shown on specified days. Points can be automatically awarded for answering each daily question correctly and or bonus points can be awarded for the successful completion of an entire quiz or multiple quizzes running at the same time.

The rules setup enables the creator to set specified parameters as follows:

  • When points are awarded e.g. start, finish, for each question.
  • If a question can be skipped.
  • If a question must be answered correctly before proceeding.
  • Feedback for correct and incorrect answers can be bespoke.

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Prize Draw

Prize draws.Prize draws can be used as a setting where instead of awarding points with a monetary value you can award prize draw entries. At the completion of the prize draw a report will be generated enabling you to select your winners.


News items / ticker

Another way to communicate with participants:

News.Incentivise allows managers to create news items and to display these to the appropriate audiences of participants. News can be static or can cycle round automatically.

There are various options for News items providing full control over when items are displayed and for how long. News items can be created in advance with times and dates set in the future.

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Automatic Point Awarding

At its core, Incentivise provides a sophisticated, yet simple to operate, point awarding system. With a secure banking system in place, and rules governing point transfer, point awarding is both reliable and robust. Within the framework automatic point awarding can occur:

  • As a result of a log-in event.
  • As a result of an anniversary, birthday, length of service.
  • Taking part in a forum.
  • Taking part in activities.

Within an activity a member can earn points by:

  • Starting an activity.
  • Completing an activity.
  • Answering questions or playing games within an activity.

The system ensures that all activities have carefully managed budgets. Only if an activity account has sufficient budget can an automatic award be made.

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Manual Point Awarding

Incentivise provides the facility for team leaders to award points to participants and this is tied to specific campaign and activity budgets and is auditable.

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Spreadsheet Upload facility

Campaign managers can easily award points using a spreadsheet upload facility which is tied to specific campaign and activity budgets.

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Points based system.Point types

Creating different point types gives a scheme the flexibility to award different point types for multiple activities. For example a point type could be created to cater for a team based activity, teams participating in this activity are earning points towards a team goal and reward. When it comes to budgeting and accounts these team points are separated from standard points earned.

Member bank accounts.Participant bank accounts

All participants have a points 'bank account' where they can view information on points earned and points spent and the transaction description. An account view is provided for each type of points they have earned.

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Accounting System

A robust double entry accounting system is at the heart of Incentivise and it sits within a budgetary framework where funds flow down into the accounts of campaigns and activities. Points then are earned and move into the accounts of participants from where they are spent in the shop.

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Login events

Login Events are screeen overlays that are presented to participants when they log in to Incentivise. Login Events are audience-managed and can be used to alert groups of participants to a specific event or to remind them of things that they need to do.

There are various options for Login Event items providing full control over when items are displayed and for how long. They can also be created in advance with times and dates set in the future.

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Integration Facilities

Incentivise is easily linked to your other systems and information can be easily pulled or pushed using standard services.

Incentivise also comes with an input-data file management facility that allows the automated acquisition, authentication, validation and processing of files of data from other systems.

During deployment there is the option to provide single sign on integration so that participants do not have to manage additional credentials in order to access Incentivise.

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Integrated Rewards Shop

Rewards shop.Incentivise comes with a rewards shop which features shopping cart and wish list facilities. Each product in the shop is administered through the IMS (Incentive Management System). Each product will have a point value associated with it instead of a monetary value.

The shop also gives the ability to have multiple catalogues so for example a VIP catalogue could be offered for Team leaders / Managers which contain different products than in the standard shop. Each catalogue is audience managed which will avoid a team member seeing a team manager VIP catalogue.

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Forums.One of the best ways to get participants communicating with each other is through the use of forums. Like everything else in Incentivise forums can be audience managed:

  • Teams can have their own forums to discuss working practices etc.
  • Groups of disparate participants can form Communities of Practice.

Again participants can earn points by visiting and taking part in forums.

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Audit tracking

Audit tracking provides an additional layer of protection for your critical financial data. It allows us to identify modifications that have been made to the data and tables. And, it provides the insight needed to catch data errors and track when they happened.

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Management Information

Reporting.Reporting is a key part of any system and Incentivise provides real time, accurate operational and management reports at various levels to suit the needs of team leaders through to budget holders.

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Budget Management

Abacus.Budget management integrates with all areas of Incentivise which uses point awarding. Each scheme has a main budget which is populated with a real monetary value; this budget is then feed down by the budget holder to Campaigns and then activities.

Within user permissions there is a layer of protection which can be used to avoid unauthorised administrators of the IMS moving budget down into campaigns without authorisation.

Each point awarding activity will continue to allocate points to participants whilst there is budget available for that activity. Reminders are in place to request budget top ups when a budget starts to run low.

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Target Graphs

Target graphs are a way of motivating a member with a visual representation of a point earning target. A dynamic graphic will plot progress as point earnings increase, showing how much they have achieved towards a target and how much is left before reaching their final target.

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Team leader functionality

Participants can be flagged as "Special" within an audience e.g. a team. This will then provide this participant with a "My Team View" enabling them to see each person in their team and how they are progressing within the scheme.

Anniversary events

Anniversary events can be treated as login events to thank or congratulate someone based on a timed event such as a birthday or length of service.

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For Agencies

Incentivise is the perfect white-label solution providing a range of facilities and benefits to allow agencies the ability to offer a range of attractive solutions to clients.

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